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How Our Services Work

After an initial phone interview, we schedule an appointment at your home to discuss the project. There is no charge for this initial appointment. At the site we review your ideas in further detail, take some notes and a few photographs of the project area.

In most cases, a set of specifications in working drawing form will be needed to accurately bid any sort of room addition, custom home, or large interior remodel.

We can also bid from any set of completed plans a client may have.

Contract Options
Today, FJS Construction maintains a healthy balance of competitive-bid and negotiated contracts in both the public and private sectors, for residential, commercial, retail, assisted living, and education fields. We provide our clients with the finest construction services, emphasizing teamwork, communications, and project wide success, continuing our tradition of building excellence. On some occasions projects cannot be priced due to too many unforeseen problems due to; but not limited to dry rot, or replacing an existing contractor who was removed from the project.

Conventional wisdom indicates that the only way to get the lowest price is through competitive bids. This is not always the case. Once you're ready to build, you have three choices:

     - Solicit for bids from several competing builders
     - Select the single most qualified builder and negotiate a price    
     - Select a design build contractor. FJS Construction provides construction services through .      all three contracting methods.

Competitive Bid Contracts
In the competitive bidding scenario each general contractor solicits bids from a variety of "subs.". Each contractor assembles and offers their bid to the client, who usually selects the lowest price contractor. On the surface it may appear to the client that he/she has done well by selecting the lowest bid, only to be surprised later by escalating cost of their project.

Inherent Difficulties of the Bidding Process:

All bidders must be given the same detailed information, namely, complete working drawings and a specification showing exactly what is to be built. If details are missing or incomplete bidders will make assumptions about how to construct and finished the project. It is natural and should be expected that each bidder will assume something different. Less-principled peers may take advantage of the lack of detailed project information and submit artificially low estimates based upon using construction methods and materials of marginal quality.(eg: finger-jointed lumber over solid stock )A variety of estimates with large price differences can be a signal of inadequate or unclear information on the project

All bidders are seldom of equal competence and responsibility, and may also operate their organizations differently with respect to the use supervision, project controls, and accountability, etc.

In a competitive bid situation, some contractors may look for deficiencies in the plans and specifications to generate extensive change requests, thus increasing the costs beyond other contractors who have included said work in their bids.













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